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You don’t want to miss the band DAYTON. Dayton has a 20 year history of playing music together. Dayton brings you to your feet playing classic rock and roll, to throwin’ down the hottest Blues, to tapping into memory lane playing all the biggest hits from your favorite bands and artists! These four seasoned, dynamic and dedicated musicians bring a solid music and great entertainment to the stage. Rock, Blues n more. It’s how they roll…so will you!


Tony Montieth: Vocals and Bass

Lynnie Tracy: Vocals & Keys

Willy Willhite: Guitar & Backing Vocals

Beth Sierra: Drums & Backing Vocals

Vocals & Keys

Lynnie Tracy


Lynnie Tracy is a vocalist raised in a musical family that showed her from an early age, how music can dominate one’s emotions and be the passion that stays with you for a lifetime. Early years of piano and choir led her to discover her ‘happy place’…the stage! Lynnie has called the stage her home for many years, having toured the US, fronting everything from small vocal duo’s to sophisticated ensembles.  Lynnie developed her style and unmistakable vocal footprint through testing many genres and landed on a blend of mid-range folk vocals with a bluesy edge. From melodica, percussion and keyboards to harmonicas and even kazoos, Lynnie makes it all sound just the way you hear music in your imagination. Come on out and get a dose for yourself! You’ll be hooked!

Vocals and Bass

Tony Montieth


Tony Montieth is a singer, songwriter, arranger and instrumentalist with a long list of musical successes. Interested at a young age in playing the tenor sax, a twist of fate brought his attention (and then undiscovered talent), to the guitar. As Tony perfected his craft and found his passion with the six-string, he started college at Oral Roberts University. Then, at the end of his freshman year, he got “the call” from an Agent. Tony dropped out of school to tour North America and Western Europe for four years with Living Sound, culminating in a concert for a quarter of a million people in Poland. After returning to the US, Tony fronted several Rock Tribute and Country Music All Star Bands. He’s done session work as a vocalist and instrumentalist across most music genres. Come out and see for yourself, the talents of Tony Montieth!

Guitar & Backing Vocals

Willy Willhite


Bill (aka Willy) Willhite, is a guitarist that gets his influence and love of music from his deep roots in Rock, Blues and R & B, which has become ingrained in his musical DNA. Over the years Willy has played in several regional touring bands, having seen the inside of most of the notable music venues throughout the Mid-West. In the mid-80’s Willy was asked to join “Foxfire’ where he met Lynnie Tracy and Tony Montieth – all now “Dayton” band mates. Willy brings his ‘swiss army knife’ approach to the band, able to step in on a variety of instruments. Willy has a knack for the technical side of the business, which yes, makes him a ‘gear-head’. Come see Willy on stage with Dayton, he serves up a smile and a rippin’ riff on the many guitars he parks on stage!

Drums & Backing Vocals

Beth Sierra


Beth Sierra, Dayton’s Drummer, is a musician, like many, that knew from a young age rhythm ran deep and the passion to play music was in her blood. Classically trained on piano, her instrument choices evolved over the years and Beth mastered everything from Trumpet, to Bass Guitar, to stringed instruments of any kind. She finally jumped behind a drum kit when a fellow musician fell ill and the band needed a drummer on the spot! It was love for drums from that point on. Originally from the Midwest, after graduating college, Beth spent over 20 years in Los Angeles hitting the music scene in several popular bands, as she is recognized and recruited for her musical versatility. Beth has played small local bars to major music festivals, from rock to jazz to originals and covers. Beth brings the groove of ‘staying in the pocket’ as the foundation of the band Dayton. Beth’s trademark look is the love of her custom hats and bandannas, which she often wears while sitting behind the kit! Come out and get in the groove with Beth and the band! You’ll be happy you did!

Upcoming Events

Saturday, August 11Corporate Kick Off (Private Event), Lake Wylie, SC
Friday, August 24  – Cowans Ford Golf Club, Terrace Bar. Greater Charlotte. Public Welcome 8-11pm Location: 761 Club Dr, Stanley, NC 28164
 Saturday November 3 –  Rocky River Winery, Annual Fall Festival. Wine, Food Trucks, Dayton plays from 3-5pm. Location: 11685 Reed Mine Rd. Midland, NC 28107

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